Easiest to Recycle Household Items

Recycling is the maxim today to save the planet from unmindful landfill waste that has been polluting land, water and air. It prevents depletion of some natural resources, assures an eco-friendly environment and also saves money in the long run. You can start recycling at your home already and there are some regular household items that are extremely simple to recycle.

Here is a brief on the easiest to recycle household items.

Old newspapers

Old newspapers are a treasure for recycling wonders. For starters, you can use them as wrapping papers for books, boxes and gifts. Paper envelopes are another useful thing which you can make from old newspapers. Then, paper bags made from used paper are also common these days. If you don’t know how to make a one, find an accessory store or recycling designer to make a one for you.

Old clothes

Do you have a pile of used clothes in your wardrobe that you will no longer use? It could be that you have overgrown them or they are simply out of fashion now. Well, whatever be the reason behind not wearing them now- you can always recycle these old apparels for good.

For example, you can cut out a handy handbag from your old denim. A t-shirt can be metamorphosed into a cool crop top and so on. You will get tutorials online on how to make stylish outfits from old usable apparel. You can also giveaway your old clothes to charities.

PET bottles

PET bottles are another of the easiest household items to recycle. You can use them for a number of interesting things. One good example of PET bottle recycling is to transform one into a nice flower vase. You can paint up the sides or stick a colorful paper around it for a fancy look.

Some people are also reusing these bottles as gardening pots. How about creating a cute piggy bank out of an old PET bottle? Your little one is sure to love the idea.

Glass bottles

The holiday season often leaves us with a small pile up of glass bottles. Before you throw them out into the trash bin, take a pause and contemplate about recycling them. One of the best ways to recycle glass bottle is to reuse them as stylish lamps.

Just paint up the outer walls of the bottle for a new look. Then of course, you can also use these glass bottles as flower vases. Another great way to recycle these bottles is to reuse them as containers. You can store your cookies, biscuits or dry fruits inside old glass bottles.

Electronic goods

Electronic waste can lead to a serious harm to the environment. But not many of us know that most of the electronic goods can be recycled. There are different recycling centers that work with electronic goods mostly. Find out your local electronic goods recycler and send your old electronics to that facility.

Aluminum cans

Aluminum cans can be recycled into pen or pencil stands easily. You can also use them to store your accessories like earrings or rings. Besides, you can always use aluminum cans for plant seedlings.